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Madam Boss’s Husband Accused of Stealing Artwork to Advertise His Canvas Business

Madam Boss’s Husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa (Mhofu) has been accused of allegedly stealing artwork in order to advertise his business page on Facebook called 3D Artwork. (See screenshots below) Kue Canvas Art said Mhofu asked him for samples of his work as well as a full pricelist and he sent his artwork not knowing that Mhofu wanted to use his “samples” to advertise his business.

Some social media users are saying his claims are unfounded because several people can sell tomatoes. However, it is clear that Kue Canvas is an artist who paints his work and creatively designs canvas pieces. This means that if Mhofu is indeed using his artwork, it is a copyright infringement issue and he should take down the artwork in question. Just like companies cannot use musicians lyrics or songs without paying them for usage.

In the case where canvas artwork is available on google, google always tells you some pictures are subject to copyright laws but alot of times we use them because the artist is not aware. If the artists were aware that their artwork was being used, they’d ask for payment in the form of a license fee. However, some artwork is labelled royalty free usage and this artwork can be used for free provided you give credit to the artist.

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