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Watch: Prophecy that a Zimbabwean Female Comedian Might Die of a Skin Condition.

A prophecy is doing it’s rounds on social media that a Zimbabwean female comedian needs to put their house in order because they may die of a skin condition. (Watch prophecy below) Some social media users are suggesting it is meant for Mai TT as she recently went to have a skin operation in Cape town South Africa, whilst others are speculating it might be Tyra Chikocho (Madam Boss) because she allegedly ‘bleaches’ her skin. Madam Boss joked on social media that her inbox is full but added:

Uummmm Pray for us shuwa who is this Man of God please tag me to his church

Samantha Kureya (Busstop tv) who shared the video on her wall also asked for prayers.

Tinamatireiwo 👏👏👏

It would seem female comedians are taking this message seriously after the prophecy concerning Ginimbi’s death was ignored. Let us pray for our sisters Zimbabwe. To all female comedians in Zimbabwe,

God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love power and a sound mind. We rebuke the spirit of death over your lives! You shall live and not die to declare the glory of the Lord!


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