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Watch: Prophet Ed Branson Nervously Confesses That It Was Moana in the Videos.

Prophet ED Branson just confessed that it was Moana in the video’s circulating. (Watch video here) He waffled about how him and Moana got involved in a terrible disagreement, which is what the video showing bouncers at her house was all about. However, he said later on in the evening, they resolved their differences.

In as much as I had assumed he was drugged in the video where she was seducing him, he did not mention anything about being drunk, nor did he deny what she was doing. He however, nervously admitted he has not been going to church because he has personal things to resolve about himself, and that he also confessed to the church that he was not portraying the image of a true man of God and therefore needed some time out to resolve his issues.

Perhaps he should have just kept quiet and allowed people to speculate…..

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