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Watch: Video of Prophet Ed Branson With an Unknown Vixen Looks Staged

A video that was posted on Instagram of Prophet ED Branson seemingly being seduced by an unknown vixen looks staged. He has since confessed that the vixen is Moana. (Watch confession here) This does not mean that the prophet was innocent in all this, but judging from the video, he looks extremely drunk or even drugged, and his agitation towards the vixen’s advances is very apparent. The unknown vixen also made it a point to show us that they were together, but made sure her face didn’t appear in the video. After that video ends, another video shows how bouncers appeared at her house looking like they were there to threaten her, possibly for staging the fake seduction. Social media is speculating that the vixen could be Moana but there is no evidence to support the allegation. Judge for yourself:

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