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Why Christians Support Trump

Tired of being asked why as a Christian, you’re supporting Trump? (I know I am!) Well, below is a detailed outline from on why Christians from all over the world have been praying for Trump and supporting him despite the following obvious decisions that Trump has made concerning Christianity, including;

  • Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  • Restoring Christianity in schools
  • Restoring prayers and Jesus into the Whitehouse
  • Destroying ISIS which was slaughtering Christians
  • Protecting Israel
  • Rejecting the Bill Gates vaccine which is an introduction to the one world order
  • America was at peace with everyone during his term. There were no bombings or sabotaging of leaders like Gaddafi who threatened the Democrats rule of authority because they pushed for a united Africa. Trump only went against nations that threatened America’s economic well being, by banning imports of certain products and encouraging the production of those products in America.

The site has also outlined, in full detail, everything Trump has done for the Christian community during his term in office:

PROTECTING PRAYER IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: President Donald J. Trump remains committed to protecting every student’s constitutional right to pray in school.

  • The Trump Administration is taking action to further safeguard students’ constitutionally protected right to pray in school.
  • President Trump is updating Federal guidance regarding protected prayer and religious expression in public schools, which has not been issued since 2003.
  • The updated guidance will help improve individuals’ ability to file a complaint if they are denied the ability to participate in protected religious expression.
  • The new guidance makes clear that students can read religious texts or pray during recess and other non-instructional periods, organize prayer groups, and express their religious beliefs in their assignments.

PROMOTING EQUAL TREATMENT: The Administration is working to ensure that our Nation’s religious organizations are treated equally by the Federal government.

  • The Administration is issuing nine proposed rules to protect religious organizations from unfair and unequal treatment by the Federal government.
  • The proposed rules would eliminate burdensome Obama-era requirements that unfairly imposed unique regulatory burdens only on religious organizations.
  • The Office of Management and Budget is also releasing a memo requiring Federal agencies to ensure that the grant-making practices of state recipients of Federal funding comply with the First Amendment.
  • The Trump Administration is committed to ensuring religious organizations can compete on a level playing field for funding, without discrimination.

STANDING UP FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: In his first year in office, President Trump has taken strong action to restore the foundational link between freedom and faith in the United States of America.

  • On May 4, 2017, the President signed an executive order to greatly enhance religious freedom and freedom of speech: taking action to ensure that religious institutions may freely exercise their First Amendment right to support and advocate for candidates and causes in line with their values; and ensuring that religious Americans and their organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, would not be forced to choose between violating their religious beliefs by complying with Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate or shutting their doors.
  • The President has announced a reversal of the Obama administration’s policy denying disaster aid to houses of worship, allowing houses of worship to receive crucial aid in times of crisis.
  • The Trump administration has taken a stand on behalf of religious liberty in the courts:
    supported students declared ineligible for a scholarship because they attended a religious school;
    supported the Archdiocese of Washington in its effort to buy ads for the holidays on public transportation; and supported baker Jack Phillips’s right to operate his bakery in accordance with his religious beliefs.
  • In January 2018, the Trump administration took a stand for international religious freedom by placing Pakistan on a “Special Watch List” for severe violations of religious freedom and designated 10 others as countries of particular concern.
  • The President declared January 18, 2018 to be Religious Freedom Day to “celebrate the many faiths that make up our country.”

PRIORITIZING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN THE ADMINISTRATION: President Trump has issued new policies to ensure religious freedom is a priority throughout the Federal Government.

  • In October 2017, the Department of Justice issued twenty principles of religious liberty to guide the Administration’s litigation strategy to protect religious freedom.
  • In January 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced three major policy changes to protect freedom of religion: forming a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, providing HHS with the focus it needs to more vigorously and effectively enforce existing laws protecting the rights of conscience and religious freedom; and proposing to more vigorously enforce 25 existing statutory conscience protections for Americans involved in HHS programs, protecting Americans who have religious or moral convictions related to certain health care services.

PRESERVING THE SANCTITY OF LIFE: President Trump has stopped the attack on pro-life policies, implementing policies to enshrine sanctity of life as an American value.

  • Within a week of taking office, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, which protects $9 billion in foreign aid from being used to fund the global abortion industry and its advocates.
    President Trump cut off taxpayer funding for the U.N. Population Fund.
  • President Trump signed H.J. Res. 43 into law, overturning a midnight regulation by the Obama Administration, which prohibited States from defunding certain abortion facilities in their Federally funded family planning programs.
  • President Trump expressed strong support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have stopped late-term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy—the point at which science tells us that an unborn child can experience pain.
  • President Trump’s Administration issued guidance to enforce the requirement that taxpayer dollars not support abortion coverage in Obamacare exchange plans.
  • President Trump rescinded an Obama-era policy that hindered States in their efforts to direct Medicaid funding away from abortion facilities that violate the law or fail to meet relevant standards of care.

BRINGING RELIGIOUS GROUPS BACK INTO THE FOLD: President Trump has made a consistent effort to reach out to religious groups and partners to bring them back into the policy making process

  • On February 2, 2017, just two weeks into his first term in office, President Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.
  • On June 8, 2017, President Trump spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference.
  • On October 13, 2017, President Trump spoke at the Value Voters Summit.
  • On January 19, 2018, President Trump became the first President to address the March for Life rally live via satellite.
  • Vice President Mike Pence addressed the March for Life in 2017, becoming the first sitting Vice President to do so in person.

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