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Zuva Habane Hosts Business Shower For Her Best Friend!

This is one of the most exciting articles I’ve written so far! Zuva Habane hosted a business shower, for her best friend Hilda Stacey! Yes, you read correctly, BUSINESS SHOWER! Not a baby shower or a kitchen tea shower! I loved this so much, because it is something I have often asked ladies, “Why don’t we host business showers for each other too?” So when I saw that Zuva actually put this in action, I was so excited! Ladies, we have to make this story trend! We need to normalize supporting each other in business in this manner. We have normalized baby showers, and kitchen tea parties, but it’s unheard of, for somebody to host a business shower for their friend. This is not something that should be confined to ladies only, men should definitely jump onto this trend, and host business showers for each other too! If the name ”shower” is too girly for the men, perhaps you should call your own ”business party”. Same concept, just without the shower. Lol! But in all honesty, when it comes to business, it shouldn’t even be gender based, let’s make business showers mixed, so that both men and women can attend, after all, the more people attend, the more capital is raised for the business!

So I threw a surprise Business Shower for my best friend. She is Private Chef and our friends Showered her with equipment to start a Business. Thank you everyone who came to support @hildastacy. Special Thank you to our Manager @Latoya you are amazing

What is a Business Shower?

Just like how we plan a baby shower, a business shower is planned in much the same way. The only difference is, friends and family contribute gifts that help a person launch or expand their business. This is just awesome, except maybe we should practicalize it a bit. So, instead of making it a surprise shower, perhaps the person who is being supported ought to be informed so that they have time to write a ”business registry” A business registry, like a wedding registry, would be a list of items they would require to get them started. Obviously because the people invited are friends and family, the business registry should be nothing too major, but of course you should put as much information as possible from the cheapest items to the most expensive and allow the guests to choose what they can afford. That way there are no duplicate gifts. Granted, you may not get the big ticket items, but the small things you add on the list will go a long way in covering alot of expenses and reducing your overall start up capital!

I simply love this concept and would like to see it trend more in our circles! Well done Zuva Habane, this is pure love for your friend, and everyone needs a friend like you! Congratulations to Hilda Stacey, we are following you closely to see your growth in your business following this business shower!

so i threw a surprise Business Shower for my best friend. she is Private Chef and our friends Showered her with…

Posted by Zuva Urban Tete on Sunday, October 18, 2020

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Pictures and video courtesy of @Zuva Habane

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