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Trevor Dongo Featuring Feli Nandi Hits Number 2 on Youtube’s #Trending Zimbabwe

Trevor Dongo has made it as number 2 on the youtube #Trending list for Zimbabwe. His new hit song Mufudzi Wemombe, which he collaborated with Feli Nandi is a touching rendition of a true rags to riches story. It speaks of how a young man was once a cattle herder in his village and everyone despised him and looked down on him. But after working hard, he became a success, and put those who trampled on him before to shame. One listener, Ben Chiro, made this comment:

This song literal speaks about life, ndange ndirimufudzi wemombe dzepamusha pedu pasina kana umwe wandiona, ndikazova the first person to pass ordinary level, ndikazovazve the first person kuenda ku advanced level (form 6) ndichapasa futi, parizvino ndini ndega a degree holder, a masters holder, a PhD holder munzinza rokwedu rose. Ndazvarwa mumhuri ine mapfumi chose hapana kana umwe wandiona even my brothers angu anga asinga ndione but now ndini wavakatarisa pahupenyu hwavo ne mhuri dzavo. MUFUDZI WEMBOMBE.

Translated: I was a cattle herder at our village, but I was the first to pass my O levels, A levels and attain a degree, masters and PhD in our lineage. Noone would even consider me or look at me in the days I was a cattle herder, even my brothers, but today I’m the one who has made it and they are all looking upto me. A CATTLE HERDER.

That says it all about the song, and it was also beautifully sung. Congratulations to Trevor Dongo and Feli Nandi. You nailed it!

Trevor Dongo, Tembalani, Feli Nandi.

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Image courtesy of Feli Nandi

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