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Mai TT Launches Felisha’s Beauty Products shop for her eldest daughter.

Mai TT launched a boutique for her eldest daughter, affectionately known as Fifi. She went onto say after her divorce she struggled financially and had to find a job as a house girl. During this time, she met and worked for Zodwa Mkandla, cleaning her floors. Zodwa never looked down on her but encouraged her, and fast forward to today, Mai TT has built a brand name for herself, and today opened Felisha’s Beauty Products for her daughter. The guest of honor there was none other than Zodwa. It was a very touching and inspiring ceremony. A true rags to riches story. Also present was Tammy Moyo, Diana Samkange and Thomas Chizhanje, Congratulations to you and your lovely daughters Mai TT! Keep shining!

I never really talk about the real people who were a part of my journey and still are a part of it but today I want to talk about my Aunty Zodwa Mkandla. When I had nothing after my divorce,things were very tight I had no job, no capital no nothing and Aunty Zo was the only person I always cried to, at one point she wanted someone with high qualifications to work in 1 of her companies and I didn’t have the qualifications they needed but I said Aunty I’m willing even to just sweep in your office for any amount.
She offered me that job and I worked for her as a cleaner for about a year.
I then left and started doing my own stuff but she never left me, she taught me to be strong and seeing her and how successful and rich she is I always said God one day I will be like Zodwa Mkandla. Being around her challenged me and I always told myself I want to work hard and be like her in the future. Which also taught me that hanging around people above your level will always push you to work harder. Last week I visited her house was selling clothes and she bought some of my clothes, looked at me and said Mai Tt I’m proud of you and who you have become. I can write a book about Aunty Zo but just to say thank you for being a part of my journey up to now aunty , makandipawo shungu dzekushanda nekuzvimirira I’m now 1 strong woman not a cry baby I used to be. Thank you so much for coming to my daughters launch means a lot to me considering how busy you are ,you still came to be a part of it.
Thank you.

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